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Satori is the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism (in Chinese: wu). It is a key concept in Zen. Satori roughly translates into individual Enlightenment, or a flash of sudden awareness. As stated by a famous author: “ …in Satori there is always what we may call a sense of the Beyond; the experience indeed is my own but I feel it to be rooted elsewhere…”

We are an independent agency with the customer in mind. Our goal as an independent insurance and financial services agency is to help each individual customer realize his/her needs and goals, and work together to develop a corresponding product design and long term strategy to achieve the goal. We focus on three things: Service, Saving, Solution.

Our company is a flexible company that offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Insurance Quote and Comparison
  • Retirement Planning
  • Policy Review and Recommendation
  • Cash flow Projection and Analysis

We have relationships with dozens of insurance companies and financial companies, allowing our customers to get the right price with the right service. We also work with the leading MGA and broker/dealer in each market to make sure that we have access to all the products and services to meet each individual challenge and unique needs. Whether you have the ideal history, preferred companies appetite, or a not so perfect record, we find the right coverage, with the best company, at the best price for you.

Address: 2004-B E. Park Place, Plaza El Segundo, El Segundo, CA 90245

Phone: 310-928-3047 / 310-928-3050    Fax: 888-817-8668

Email: info@satoriinsurance.com or admin@satoriinsurance.com

CA Insurance License: 0H18107

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